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Who Are We?

Lawson Fuses plays a leading role in formulating fuse standards and specifications through its membership of the relevant committees of BSI, IEC, CENELEC, and other standards organisations. The company has sponsored and participated in many research and development programmes.

For over 40 years Lawson Fuses have been exporting Low Voltage HRC Fuse-Links to over 50 countries including; Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, The Middle East and Africa giving the brand a truly International presence whilst still maintaining its British heritage.

In 2020, Lawson Fuses moved its subsidiary in India from New Delhi to a brand new, modern manufacturing facility near Vadodara, close to Lucy Group’s other manufacturing facilities.

Lucy Group Acquisition

Lawson Fuses was originally founded in 1938 specialising in the design, development and manufacture of HRC low voltage fuses. Having been an independent business for over 70 years, Lawson Fuses was acquired by Lucy Group in 2018. The acquisition was part of Lucy Group’s strategy of acquiring businesses in complementary industries to deliver long-term sustainable growth. Lucy Group shares Lawson’s values of quality, customer service and engineering excellence.

The company moved to purpose built premises at its present location in 1960 and has subsequently expanded on both the original and adjacent sites. The present day modern facility comprises some 40,000 square feet of accommodation for manufacturing, research & development and customer service support.

Lawson Fuses joins the post war UK Electrification program to restore light and power to bomb hit cities.

Lawson Fuses developed a range of copper Fuse-Link elements whilst the rest of the industry continued to use Silver, a fuse survey in 1980 stated that “Lawson Fuses were a small company making Copper element fuses, it went on to state that other fuse manufacturers would not follow suit and would continue to use Silver”… 40 years on and the main element used in Fuse-Links is Copper!

Lawson Fuses acquired by Lucy Group – Lucy Group Ltd is pleased to announce the acquisition, on 3rd August 2018, of Lawson Fuses Ltd, a UK-based specialist in the design, development and manufacture of High Rupturing Capacity (HRC) low voltage fuses with a global customer base. This investment by Lucy Group is part of its strategy of acquiring complementary businesses in order to deliver continued sustainable growth. Both Lucy and Lawson are long standing and successful British businesses operating in the electrical distribution market.

With an international manufacturing presence, our products and solutions enable dependable design, distribution and manufacturing of energy to businesses, industries and homes.

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