Lawson Fuses supply Fuse-Links for low voltage electricity supply distribution that include products such as J Type Fuse-Links, House Service Cut Out Fuse-Links and Street Lighting Protection Fuse-Links. They are installed in distribution boards, feeder pillars, link boxes, pole mounted cut-outs and heavy duty service intakes.

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400/415 Volt Electricity Supply Distribution Fuse-Links to IEC 60269-2/BS 88-2 - Type J

Lawson Type “J” fuse-links are for use in a.

400/415 Volt House Service Fuse-Links to IEC 60269-3/BS 88-3 - Type ME&MF

Lawson Type “ME” and “MF” fuse-links are for use in single or three-phase house service cut-outs or similar installations.

230/240 Volt Street Lighting Fuse-Links to IEC 60269-1/BS 88-1 - Type LST

Lawson Type “LST” fuse-links are for use in single-phase street lighting cut-outs or similar installations.